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Chadwick Nutrition

 Canine Nutritionist

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About Chadwick Nutrition

Chadwick Nutrition is a professional Nutrition service for your dogs and cats.


I’m passionate about their health, nutrition, and feeding a ‘species appropriate’ diet for optimal health & happiness.

Both my aim and goal as a Canine & Feline Nutritionist, is to educate pet parents with the knowledge to feed their beloved dogs & cats what nature intended.

REAL food.


Feeding real food increases their longevity, so they can thrive and live happy and healthy lives.

I have a passion for dogs and believe we are doing them an injustice by feeding them processed food.

My services include..

Nutrition Advice

Custom Meal Plans


Health Advice

Gut/ Allergy Protocols

I have a keen interest in dogs with digestive issues & skin conditions. I have had great results working with these dogs applying a whole-body approach.

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Our Services

My Story


My journey with feeding raw started with my golden retriever, Noah.


Since he was a puppy, Noah’s had severe allergies and I was constantly taking him to vets, who would prescribe medications to control the constant outbreaks.


It was after all these medications that I transitioned him to a raw diet, and I began to see massive improvements after just a few weeks.


Noah was no longer getting ear infections, chronic itching, or hot spots, and the best news is that we no longer require frequent visits to the V E T.


He has healed through food. REAL Food.


The prescribed processed dry kibble that he was recommended, was destroying his health. With the right diet and supplements Noah is now 13.5 years old; taking no medications and absolutely living his best life.

Why Feed Raw

Why Raw

"Nourish To Flourish"


Raw is a holistic approach to nutrition, which includes feeding ‘species appropriate’ raw whole food.


Good nutrition is the foundation for all preventive health care programs; just like humans, animals benefit from a healthy balanced diet too.


Nutrition is vitally important in the general health and wellbeing of dogs and cats. Everything they consume affects each and every cell in their bodies.

Balanced nutrition leads to a healthy immune system, resistance to disease, helping each cell to function at their optimum and to cope with life’s daily stresses.


Health and wellbeing will be greatly influenced by the quality of food, the bioavailability of nutrients and energy, daily exercise, living conditions, clean drinking water and of course, love.

Raw Feeding -

- Most effective biologically appropriate diet

- Better for overall immune function

- More nutrients are absorbed when eating raw vs dry kibble.

- Fewer allergy issues

 -Better for skin/coat

- Better dental health

- Beter gut function, less inflammation

- Less poop.

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Neil Wakefield Photography
Neil Wakefield Photography

Get in Touch

Chadwick Nutrition, Melbourne Vic  /  Tel. 0427 229 013

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Creative Dog Photography Melbourne

"When it comes to nutrition, the treats we feed are
just as important to consider
as the meals we feed for optimal health"


 Why I use and Recommend Empawraw...

- Freeze dried almost zero nutrient or mineral loss

-Human grade meat

-Single ingredient

_100% natural

-Perfect for raw feeding

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Creative Dog Photography Melbourne

Chadwick Nutrition


Jacinta Malone

Chadwick Nutrition


Txt only- 0427 229 013


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